Vehicle Monitoring

Real time Vehicle Tracking with fleets optimisation, Trip History,Crash detection and alerts, Alerts for Overspeeding, Rules Violation. Driver change, Geo-Fencing, Route Deviation alerts, stopovers, idle times, Records on Driving behaviour.
Remote Live Streaming, Support Indoor and outdoor cameras,1080P full HD camera with angle adjustment capability, Locking systems for storage disk and SIM card, G Force Sensor

Driver Fatigue detection such as closed eyes, yawning and other deviations, Alarm systems for low fuel, smoke etc, Land discipline such as using hard shoulders, Smoke detection, Sleep and other disturbance detection, Collision avoidance, Intelligent Speed Assistance

RFID based solution, allows admin to track number of passengers boarded and deboarded the vehicle based on the rfid cards / bands etc. IR based solution installed on the doors lesser than 2m allows to count the number of passengers boarded and deboarded from the vehicle.
Mobile Wifi
Provide access to internet for all passengers onboard, Restrict access to certain sites on the internet for the passengers. Captive Portal
Dynamic content from a central platform, Localised content and robust content management system, Multiple screen sizes and display options (LED and LCD) based, Optimal power usage with robust structure and fitment.

Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation.
Quick charge
Quickly maximize timely deliverables for real-time schemas.
Collaboratively administrate turnkey channel services.
Holistically pontificate installed base portals maintainable products.

Indoor Positioning System

  • 2D /2.5D/ 3D Interactive multi level Map Support – Realistic maps.
  • Full Level Search – Search by Category, Keywords, Names, Floors etc.
  • Informative Messages (News, Announcements, RSS feeds).
  • Accessibility features for Physically challenged.
  • Multilingual Support. Events Calendar integration
  • Mobile API integration
  • Beacon based Tracking for Mobile devices
  • On premise Or Hosted solution options
  • Emergency Mode support
  • Detailed usage analytics and marketing insights
  • Push Contents to Mobile devices via CMS

Back End

Admin Login, Logout, Reset Password features. Manage Point of Interest (POI) General Information – Manage names, logo, colors, Store Operating Hours, Images  Manage the marketing collaterals for Kiosk- Admin can upload videos images which would be shown during idle time.  Manage POI Category – Admin can create categories, Map POI’s category and define colors for each category. Admin can disable the POI and manage the information. You Are Here Management. Path Handling. Automatic Path Detection. Automatic Turn by Turn Navigation. Alternate Path Generation

Front End

The Application will run marketing collaterals if left idle (Screensaver Mode). Once the user touches, the application will showcase the current location of the user in the 3D Floor plan. 3D floor plan would be shown in the top angle view.  User can choose the destination and click on directions to view the path to reach the destination. The path would be shown in the 3D travel view. User can look at the shops on the other floors as well. The user can also click on a particular POI and view information like store operating hours, descriptions and image. User can click on home button and get back to the original position (on the Kiosk).

Enterprise Applications

Our Technology Expertise

We create custom applications that empower our clients to show what they do best – better. Armed with the right software our clients have made pipeline safer, cities greener, healthcare smarter and old products new again.

  • Mobile App development
  • Ecommerce Solutions
  • Web app development
  • Enterprise Software
  • Content Management Systems
  • Custom software Development
VMS & Access Control Features

A useful guide in commercial buildings or huge business establishments, a business directory lists and directs visitors or internal staff to key people/offices on a touch screen.

  • Separate workflow for Scheduled and walk in visitors
  • Auto approve based on Meeting ID
  • Easy user onboarding using EMirates ID
  • Seamless data capture with in few clicks
  • Auto print visitor passes based on system authentication
  • Focus towards que clearing time
  • Quick display of routes for the visitor along with QR codes integration for routing
  • Visitor pass integration with access control hardware devices such as turnstiles
  • Web based user friendly CMS for reporting

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External speakers
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Seamlessly empower fully researched growth strategies and interoperable internal or “organic“ sources.
Fingerprint ID
Dynamically innovate resource-leveling customer service for state of the art customer service.

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As the pioneer of the lean startup movement, Darb has dedicated it’s time to sharing effective business strategies that help new businesses and enterpreneurs put their money to work in the right way.


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As the pioneer of the lean startup movement, Darb has dedicated it’s time to sharing effective business strategies that help new businesses and enterpreneurs put their money to work in the right way.

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